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Or Shall We Die?

For You: A Libretto


  • Or Shall We Die? by Ian McEwan

    With music by Michael Berkeley.

  • For You: A Libretto by Ian McEwan


    Charles Frieth, pre-eminent composer, conductor and prodigious womaniser, is oblivious to the growing turmoil around him; his wife's poor health and sadness; the exhausted efforts of his secretary, and the destructive passion of his housekeeper, Maria. With music by Michael Berkeley.

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Editions ~ Or Shall We Die?

London: Jonathan Cape, 1983 (32 p., ISBN: 0224029479).

(Musical Score). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1984 (85 p., ISBN: 0193354012).

Performed by Heather Harper, David Wilson-Johnson and Richard Hickox. Hayes, Middlesex, England: His Master's Voice, 1984 (12 inch LP recording, 33 1/3 rpm, stereo/analog).

A Move Abroad: Or Shall We Die? and The Ploughman's Lunch. London: Pan Books, 1989 (117 p., ISBN: 0330309404).

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Editions ~ For You

London: Vintage, 2008 (80 p.).

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